Revealing The Transcendent Leader

The evolution of your thinking as a leader requires you to challenge the assumptions of human enterprise, beginning with the conventional thinking that the singular goal is the bottom-line.

Transcendent Leadership offers a more inclusive and consensual process for economic, social, and environmental thinking as a sustainable focus for people, profits and the planet.

Andrew Mackay is an expert in revealing the Transcendent Leader…

Transcendent Leadership is a more inclusive and consensual decision making process for the economic, social, and environmental sectors, moving beyond a singular focus on the bottom line of profits to a multiple focus on the triple bottom lines of profits, people, and planet.

Andrew operates in a dimension that facilitates leadership to transcend the conventional norms.

One key ingredient of Andrew’s style is his ‘no bullshit approach’, of which he is unashamedly proud as this allows him to cut through. Operating at the leading edge, Andrew pushes the boundaries into the unknown realm.

A savant of high performance sales, a veteran of coaching and mentoring leaders to achieve excellence, a magician in the financial sector, Andrew’s talents at the coalface as well as at the board room table are seen to be believed.  Andrew started out as an entrepreneur at the age of 18, then embarked on a 25-year career spanning industry sectors from Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, B2B, Direct Sales, Building, Banking, Training and Development.

The evolution of our thinking about global sustainability requires us to challenge the assumptions of human enterprise beginning with conventional thinking.

The complex problems of our world today will not be resolved by the consciousness that created them…

The Transcendent Leader moves towards a world where human talents and energies are maximised for the betterment of all, personally, organisationally and globally.

Are You Ready…

The ideal candidate for transformation is a competent business leader who has created a profitable, successful enterprise but is experiencing levels of frustration and dissatisfaction around where to go next.

There could be a desire to step away, but a lack of trust or faith in those around you holds you back.

Big picture ideas may be put on the back burner because you are working in it, not on it. You want the support to challenge yourself on another level of leadership.


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